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Capital Projects

Funds raised by the Centerville Athletic Boosters directly benefit the athletes in the Centerville City School District.  As part of our commitment to support our athletes, we work with the District to help fund large-scale facility improvements.  The projects below are either fully funded by the Boosters, or are supplemented in large part by this organization.  See where your efforts and funds are being put to work below.



To the right, you'll find our funding sphere.  These are some of the smaller projects and items that the boosters have helped our 30+ individual teams with. Every athletic team in Centerville receives annual funding from the Boosters.

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The Boosters have committed to help the District renovate the Centerville Elks Stadium home-side concession stands this year, with plans to work on the visitor-side in the near future.  These improvements to safety and to operational effectiveness will provide our volunteers a great workplace to continue to bring in the sales that provide our group with a substantial part of our annual revenue.



The Boosters recently supplemented funds from the district, allowing renovation of the High School's training room.  Athletes use the training room, which is located just before entering the Auxiliary Gym, for post-injury rehab and athletic treatment. 



A few years ago, this organization helped increase the capacity of the Football Stadium lighting, which has been enjoyed by thousands of fans as they help bring the Elks Stadium out of the dark.

STADIUM SCOREBOARD - click  on the picture to see it in action!

This year, this organization updated the scoreboard and the video board in Centerville Stadium. The new video board is almost twice as big as the old video board and possess the same capabilities as the video boards located in our main gymnasium. The cost of the project is approximately $160,000 which is all being funded by this organization and Major Display scoreboards out of Franklin,N.C.  We continue to work with Side Effects, Inc. to generate ad revenue.




The addition of the Stadium's turf has made game-play for many sports possible, which wasn't an option years ago.  Wear-and-tear on grass surfaces meant that decisions had to be made as to which groups could play in the school's largest venue.  With the Booster's help, the turf was installed, making the field available to more sports, and even to outside schools as a revenue-generating rental venue. 



Centerville Athletic Boosters assisted with the Stadium's track renovations that have benefited thousands of runners throughout the years with a performance and safety boosting surface.  Funding for this, and all of our other projects are only possible, thanks to the efforts of countless volunteers, like you! 

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