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About Us

The Centerville Elks Booster Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting all of the athletic programs and athletes in Centerville. We raise funds that fill the gaps left by ever-increasing costs that sports incur.  EVERY Centerville High School and Middle School sport receives funding based on its budget that is reviewed with the athletic director each year.  Additionally, sports can request funds for specific needs, equipment or emergencies that occur during their seasons.  


Our committment also extends to the coaches who have dedicated their lives to teaching our children the skills to become successful in sports and to teaching the lessons that will help them become successful in life.  Our goal is to provide the athletic programs within the Centerville City Schools with the means and funding needed to meet their goals.  You, the fans, the parents, our alumni, and supporters of Elk Athletics are vital to our success, and we thank you. 


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Your Centerville Athletic Booster board members (a.k.a your team's Booster Rep) represent each Centerville team and act as the primary liaison between that team's coaching staff, and the Booster Club. Your team's Rep will work in concert with the team's treasurer to ensure that financials are properly reported and filed. Reps are also responsible to ensure that your team's volunteer commitments are staffed, and your team's fundraising quotas are met. If you have an interest in joining this great team, please your Rep about volunteer options, or contact a Booster officer today!




Our volunteers are the backbone of this organization. They continue to work tirelessly week after week, event after event, to help Centerville athletics remain competitive; not only in the Dayton area, but into the southwestern and central regions of Ohio, as well. Our school is known, not only for its superior athletes, but also for some of the best food in the concession stands, some of the best facilities in the area, and some of the friendliest people behind the scenes. We thank you for all of your hard work and efforts that help make this community so special.



          Tony Miltenberger - President / Membership


       Phil Nickell - Vice President / Concessions


       Tom Mathews  - Secretary

       Jessica Truax and Cara Nickell - Treasurer

       Vacant- Development / Mascot Media

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