How do we raise our funds?

Raising funds during a time of national economic strain is not an easy task, but thanks to support from our community, students, parents, and fans, your Boosters are able to help our athletes fund the equipment, environment, and  opportunities they need to do, and be, their best.  Below are some of the ways we make that possible.



Your support, as a member of this Booster Club should you join, helps provide the funds necessary to further our mission and help student athletes acquire the materials and opportunities they need to perform at their best.  Your contribution helps them prepare for pre-season, help maximize their talents during the season, and helps them celebrate post-season.  Depending on the level of your membership, your perks could involve event parking passes or even season tickets!


Concession Sales

Food, drink, and snack sales are a big part of almost every athletic event; and they're a large part of our annual income.  Thanks to extraordinary volunteers, these efforts and sales continue to serve our community and fund our athletes.


Program Books

Local retailers and sponsors continue to support our seasonal sports program books with advertisements and with donations that allow us to put together one of the nicest sports program guides in the Dayton area.  Our fall book highlights the accomplishments of your fall teams, complete with schedules and pictures of your athletes.  The winter and spring books, while a little smaller, still make an incredible impact on parents and fans, alike, by offering the same quality highlights and pictures that make terrific keepsakes.